Fox News analyst explains why Trump 'doesn't have the temperament for the hardest job on the planet' and is now likely to purge
Fox News analyst A.B. Stoddard/Screenshot

In the wake of a published New York Times op-ed by an anonymous senior Trump administration official who lambasted the "amoral" president and explained how insiders are thwarting him, debate has raged about how Trump will respond.

As President Trump rages about the "gutless" letter, the discussion has turned to what he'll do now.

Fox News analyst A.B. Stoddard thinks Trump is going to respond by spiraling even more out of control. The Real Clear Politics editor went on Shep Smith's show Thursday to explain how the "impulsive and erratic" Trump is going to react.

"I think this writer believes that they're trying to calm down the country and assure everybody who is nervous about President Trump's temperament that all is well," she said. "What this author has done, though, is sort of encouraged probably more paranoia and more rage on the part of the president. He's going to do something to change the topic and do something dramatic to get our focus on somebody else."

Trump is likely to go off half-cocked in some way, she said. He will also likely try to purge anyone he suspects of writing the letter.

"He tends to like to change news cycles with dramatic action. So I don't know what will come next," she said. "He doesn't want us talking about this."

Trump's conspiratorial mindset means he'll likely start believing the myth of the Deep State is real, she said. Stoddard also pushed back on the idea that Trump's amorality is the biggest issue with his leadership.

"It's not his immorality, it's his temperament. He's impulsive and erratic. He changes his mind quickly. He lies frequently," she said. "He doesn't have the temperament for the hardest job on the planet.

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