Fox News contributor melts down with bizarre Trump-Russia claim: 'There's even more dossiers that we still haven't even discovered!'
Sara Carter on Fox News/Screenshot

Could the infamous Steele Dossier be one of series of documents digging into President Donald Trump's shady past?

Fox News contributor Sara Carter said as much on Sean Hannity's show Friday night, claiming that there were multiple dossiers circulated about Trump during the 2016 election including dossiers that she is only now learning about.

She described a "cast" conspiracy to document Trump's shady business dealings and social liabilities.

"There were other dossiers out there, and now I'm hearing there were even more dossiers that we still haven't even discovered, that were put out by Fusion GPS and spread out across Washington D.C." Carter said.

Carter said the State Department was involved and that John Kerry knew counterintelligence experts were working to investigate Trump's ties to Russia through aides like George Papadopoulos.

"This was an active disinformation effort to take down a candidate that people elected, and it's still ongoing," she said.

(The Steele Dossier was published in January 2017, after the election, while the FBI announced an investigation into Hillary Clinton 11 days before the election.)

Watch below.