Fox News' Sean Hannity: The 'Deep State' put a 'hit' out on Trump with the anonymous New York Times op-ed
Fox News' Sean Hannity. Image via screengrab.

Responding to the anonymous New York Times op-ed penned by a senior Trump administration official that has dominated the news cycle since it was published Wednesday afternoon, Fox News' Sean Hannity went on an unhinged rant about the "Deep State" agents who have put a "hit" out on the president.

"Once again, the disgusting underbelly of the Washington, D.C., swamp and sewer of the Deep State is being exposed," Hannity said. "This is a good thing."

"As we speak we have unelected bureaucrats all over our nation's capital," the host said. "They have been and continue to work actively to undermine your 2016 vote. They all think they know better then you come up the American people. They think they know better than President Trump."

One such "bureaucrat" is "hiding behind, of course, the veil of anonymity" in the Times editorial, Hannity said. 

Echoing the president, the host said that the Times, the Washington Post and cable news networks are going to "decline precipitously" after Trump "leaves office in six years."

"It'll be fun to watch," he added.

"This person thinks they know better than all about us, the smelly Walmart people, the ones who are irredeemable deplorables clinging to our God, our guns, our bibles and our religion," Hannity inferred. "That's what they think of us."

The op-ed's writer is angry, the host continued, because Trump is "stepping on all the toes of all the good old boys' systems that have always existed for them, not us."

"Those who prefer the good old days in Washington and their good old insider deals and lobbying efforts, they are freaking out because they see that their power is slipping out of their hands," he said. "Whoever this anonymous super-patriot is who wrote the anti-Trump hit piece The New York Times, I would argue dangerously, published, is nothing more than a swamp sewer creature who can't stand that there is a new sheriff in town."

"This means the president is effective," Hannity said.

Watch the entire rant below: