Fox News' Tucker Carlson claims he 'can't believe' he ever worked at CNN during meltdown over 25th Amendment coverage
Tucker Carlson complains about CNN and the 25th Amendment on Fox News/Screenshot

One of the many topics raised by ">the anonymous New York Times op-ed penned by a senior Trump administration official who bragged of thwarting the president is the 25th Amendment.

One of the lesser-known provisions of the United States Constitution provides for a process by which the president's own cabinet can remove him from office temporarily if he's mentally or physically incapacitated.

Understandably, the revelation that the 25th Amendment had been discussed by Trump staffers led networks to explain to viewers how it works. CCN ran a segment explaining how it would work.

That provoked an angry response from former CNN host and current Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

"CNN briefly ceased to be a news network and instead began indulging in on-air political fantasizing," Carlson said as he showed a clip of an expert explaining the 25th Amendment. "I can't believe I ever worked there,"

Carlson discussed the topic with Conservative guest Mark Steyn, who complained bitterly about the contents of Bob Woodward's "lousy, unreadable book."

"Sometimes you can be the only sane person in the world and it's everyone around you who's nuts," Steyn said.

"How are they the same people that are forever lecturing us about subverting democracy?" Carlson said. "It's mind-bending in its hypocrisy."

Watch below.