Here's who Nixon lawyer John Dean thinks wrote the New York Times op-ed
John Dean speaks on MSNBC/Screenshot

Several people have speculated about who they think wrote the anonymous The New York Times opinion piece about President Donald Trump.

During an interview with CNN's Don Lemon, former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean chimed in on who he thinks it is.

"I can't imagine The New York Times taking that anonymous op-ed unless it was someone with a lot of power in the White House — a lot of position, a lot of knowledge. They just don't do that," Dean said.

"Any educated guess or idea of who this unnamed person is?" Lemon asked.

"Kelly would be high on my list," Dean responded.

He added, "The off the rails remark that you repeated is in that op-ed as well. And that was his remark."

Watch the video below to hear Dean's full remarks.

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