Hero Hurricane Katrina general calls out Trump administration ahead of Florence: 'I wouldn't bet money that we're prepared'
Katrina hero Russel Honoré. Image via screengrab.

The general who led the response to Hurricane Katrina slammed the Trump administration for lacking preparation ahead of Hurricane Florence.

"I would not bet any money that we are prepared," Gen. Russel Honoré told MSNBC's Katy Tur. 

After Tur listed off the current statistics regarding preparations for the category 4 storm, Honoré said he was "embarrassed" that the government had done so little.

FEMA needs "to try not to be first responders" and instead should "provide what governors need and leave the governors and the counties" alone, the general said.

"I don't understand the government giving a whole lot of assurance that they're ready because we're never ready for a category 4," Honoré added. "What we've got to be ready for is the response — to be able to bring assets beyond what the states have and bring that massive military force, those ships that have left, and bring them back in to help save lives."

No stranger to criticizing Donald Trump and his administration for its response to the deadly hurricanes of 2017, the general noted that the government's response "didn't work" for Hurricane Maria and needs to be updated for Florence.

"The national security council needs to help the president respond in a better fashion because FEMA, they're overbusy as they are, still working the storms from last year," he said. "They need to be a support force and not a first responder."

Honoré warned that "everything east of I-95 could be destroyed by landfall" and urged viewers within the storm zone to listen to their government officials and evacuate as soon as possible.

Watch below, via MSNBC: