'He's playing the prosecutors!' Desperate Trump fans try to spin Manafort cooperation deal as good news
A Trump supporter threatens to burn down Revolution Books in Berkeley, California (Screen cap).

Paul Manafort formally entered into a plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday that included a cooperation agreement to help with the Russia probe.

This was not welcome news for President Donald Trump, who had previously praised Manafort as a "brave man" for not "breaking" under pressure from the special counsel's office.

The news for Trump was so potentially perilous, in fact, that even regular Trump booster Jack Posobiec couldn't bring himself to downplay it.

"Paul Manafort is required to cooperate with prosecutors in the Mueller investigation as part of this plea deal," he wrote on Twitter. "Sentencing is going to be deferred based on his successful cooperation. Andrew Weissman (sic) is handling this himself so clearly this is not a small deal."

Many of Posobiec's Twitter followers, however, remained convinced that Manafort's cooperation deal was all part of a larger scheme to eventually convict Hillary Clinton or her political allies.

Similarly, some followers of "Fox & Friends'" Twitter account believed that Manafort's cooperation deal meant that the walls were closing in on the president's enemies.