'It would be horrible': Fox News women shut down Jason Chaffetz for wondering why Kavanaugh's accuser wouldn't testify
Jason Chaffetz and Marie Harf on Fox News/Screenshot

Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court is suddenly in jeopardy, with credible accusations of sexual assault being levied by a woman who says he violently groped her at a party while in his teens.

What will happen before now and next Monday's scheduled hearings? A panel of four women and one man discussed it on Fox News' Outnumbered on Tuesday.

Former Utah Rep. Jason E. Chaffetz took a dim view of the accusations.

"The question is whether this person is going to show up to the hearing," Chaffetz said. "It's a fascinating question. Does she or does she not testify. Does she want to go out does she not want to go out. The fact that she won't even talk to the judiciary committee is a real head-scratcher."

Chaffetz was immediately shut down by the four women on the panel, three of whom are conservatives.

"It's not a head-scratcher!" said Melissa Francis. "Because it looks like it would be horrible. I wouldn't volunteer for that, if you're just a regular person. If she has a story to tell, and she's brave enough to do it, lets;' all listen to it. If she doesn't show up it doesn't mean she's lying... it could just mean she doesn't want to go through that horrible spectacle."

Watch below.