Ivanka Trump advising her dad to 'cut bait' and withdraw Brett Kavanaugh nomination: report
Composite image of Judge Brett Kavanaugh (screenshot) and Ivanka Trump (Twitter)

First daughter and senior White House advisor Ivanka Trump is urging her father to abandon Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the United States Supreme Court, Vanity Fair reported Tuesday.

In a new story on the escalating "Kavanaugh nightmare," Gabriel Sherman reports, "White House advisers are worried that more damaging information about Kavanaugh could come out."

"Two sources told me the White House has heard rumors that Ford’s account will be verified by women who say she told it to them contemporaneously," Vanity Fair explained. "People worry, without apparent evidence, of another Ronan Farrow bomb dropping."

"One source says Ivanka Trump has told her father to 'cut bait' and drop Kavanaugh," he added.