Jake Tapper mocks Trump's request for the Justice Department to investigate the NY Times op-ed: 'Shouldn't they find a crime first?'
CNN's Jake Tapper (Screen cap).

CNN's anchor Jake Tapper suggested that President Donald Trump's request for the Department of Justice to investigate a The New York Times opinion piece was absurd.

The New York Times published an anonymous opinion article from a senior White House official that slammed Trump as an unfit leader for the country.

While aboard Air Force One Trump said he wanted the Department of Justice to find out who the author is and claimed it was a matter of national security.

“I would say Jeff [Sessions] should be investigating the author because it’s [a matter of] national security," Trump said.

During the opening of his Friday show, Tapper said the Department of Justice investigates crimes.

"President Trump is moving past denying the existence of the author of that anonymous The New York Times op-ed, and is now demanding that a law enforcement investigation be opened into his or her's identity," Tapper said.

"Don't they need to identify a specific crime first?" Tapper asked.

Watch the video below via CNN.