Jeff Sessions will probably just ignore Trump’s order to investigate the NY Times op-ed: White House reporter
Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

President Donald Trump called upon Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the identity of the "senior official in the Trump administration" who wrote a scathing New York Times editorial on the commander-in-chief.

MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin asked Washington Post White House reporter Ashley Parker as to the likelihood of such an investigation.

"That's a great question, because it is not a traditional use of the Justice Department -- or necessarily appropriate use," Parker replied.

Parker, who contributed to the Post's Pulitzer Prize-winning investigations into Trump collusion with Russia, noted that the anonymous op-ed talked about the administration using, "subterfuge and sneaking around and delaying and distracting" to thwart President Trump's worst impulses.

"This may be something where Trump says he wants Jeff Sessions to do it and Jeff Sessions just simply does not do it," she noted.

"That would likely prompt a number of angry tweets from the president, but that could potentially be the end of it," Parker continued.