John Oliver calls BS on Brett Kavanaugh for 'mischaracterizing evidence' -- 'something a judge should know not to do'
John Oliver (Photo: HBO Promotion)

During his Sunday show "Last Week Tonight," host John Oliver dedicated his entire show to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

He began by mocking prosecutor Rachel Mitchell by asking, "who f*cking cares," about some of the dumb questions that were asked.

When it came to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-OH) calling Dr. Christine Blasey Ford "pleasing" and "attractive" after watching her recount her sexual assault allegations.

"By lunchtime, on Thursday it seemed like Brett Kavanaugh's candidacy was over," Oliver said showing clips of Fox News horrified by the heartbreaking story of Dr. Ford's testimony.

Once Kavanaugh testified, however, Oliver noted "it couldn't be more different," and outright "weird."

He showed clips of the strange moments when Kavanaugh broke down talking about working out with his friends, as well as his lady friends that Oliver said sounded like "Mambo No. 5."

"I'm starting to think men might be too emotional for the Supreme Court," Oliver said. "He would be really pretty if he smiled more."

The host talked about the anger and rage Kavanaugh attributed to a Democratic conspiracy.

"I mean, come on?! Do I seem like exactly the type of person who might be in a fight on a boat in Rhode Island?!" Oliver shouted. "Seriously! You tell me! When you picture a fight on a boat in Rhode Island, do you picture two of me yelling at each other? Exactly at this volume?... I would like to see you say that to my face on a boat in Rhode Island!"

The question about Kavanaugh's background and drinking were not whether Kavanaugh liked beer so much as it was how much he liked it. Oliver's example was that Jeffrey Dahmer liked people, but he also "liked them to a really problematic extent."

Oliver noted the strange part was that those were Kavanaugh's prepared remarks. When it came to answering questions, Kavanaugh had a rough time. At the moments when Kavanaugh got angry or outright hostile, Oliver said that the judge showed who he truly was by attacking the person asking questions. One was with Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), whose father was an alcoholic. When she asked about his drinking, he asked about hers in response.

"Have you?' is not the answer of an innocent person," Oliver explained. "If someone asks you if you ever blew a dog and they go 'I don't know. Have you?' That person blew a dog!"

For those concerned about Kavanaugh sobbing over his late father's calendars, Oliver noted that his father was sitting right behind him, very much alive. It was even more bizarre when Oliver did the math about the Christmas stories his father must have told the family about that involved his calendars.

The host then went line-by-line through many of Kavanaugh's lies, including "mischaracterizing evidence" about those who were also at the party where Ford says she was assaulted. In fact, some said they didn't remember, and Ford's friend said she believes Ford.

Oliver called it the "one thing a judge really should know not to do," Oliver said.

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