Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford willing to testify about alleged attempted rape: lawyer
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Image via screengrab.

The attorney for Christine Ford, who has now gone public with accusations of attempted sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, said on Monday that her client is willing to testify publicly.

During an interview on NBC's "Today," attorney Debra Katz said that Ford will testify in public before the Senate Judiciary Committee about her encounter with Kavanaugh, whom she claims tried to rape her when they were both in high school.

"She clearly considers this an attempted rape," Katz said. "She believes that if it were not for the severe intoxication of Brett Kavanaugh, she would’ve been raped."

However, Katz said that no one has so far asked her to testify before the Senate about Kavanaugh.

Katz went on to say that her client is willing to go public despite the major toll it will likely take on her and her family.

"Yesterday was quite a roller coaster," Katz explained. "There was a great deal of support that came her way, but there was also the kind of threatening behavior that she feared most by coming forward."