Kellyanne Conway barks at Chuck Todd after he suggests anti-Trump essay not illegal: 'You don't know that'
Kellyanne Conway speaks to Chuck Todd (NBC/screen grab)

Kellyanne Conway, White House special counselor to President Donald Trump, objected on Sunday after Meet the Press host Chuck Todd suggested that no laws had been broken by an administration staffer who anonymously wrote a New York Times essay that was critical of the president.

"We're not at war with anybody so you can't really accuse anybody of treason," Todd explained to Conway, alluding to the fact that Trump had brought up the idea of "treason" on Twitter.

"Oh come on," Conway complained. "People are openly talking about the 25th Amendment and impeachment. It's such nonsense."

"The president of the United States wants the Attorney General to investigate," Todd noted. "What law was broken here that the Attorney General needs to investigate?"

"It depends," Conway shot back. "There could be and there could not be. And so you don't know that and I don't know that."

"Has he ordered the investigation into who wrote this op-ed?" Todd asked.

"I won't talk about that," Conway insisted. "He has said publicly that he thinks we should find out who this person is. I don't believe in giving this person so much elevation and oxygen."

"So, it's possible he's given an order to the Department of Justice to investigate this?" Todd pressed.

"He has said publicly what he feels," Conway remarked, dodging the question.

Watch the video below from NBC.