Ken Starr allowed Kavanaugh to ask Bill Clinton 'prurient' questions — but thinks the SCOTUS nominee shouldn't have to
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh (left, via AFP/Saul Loeb) and former Clinton special counsel Ken Starr (right, via screengrab).

When he was the special counsel investigating Bill Clinton's relationship with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Ken Starr allowed Brett Kavanaugh to ask the president a series of "prurient" sexual questions.

Now, Starr believes the Supreme Court nominee should not be subjected to the same treatment in regards to sexual assault allegations made against him by multiple women.

In a Tuesday MSNBC segment, host Ari Melber played video of Clinton being asked extremely detailed and probing questions drafted by Kavanaugh about Lewinsky.

The president was asked whether he had the intern insert a cigar into her vagina or ever masturbated into his secretary's trash can in the clip.

Melber noted that Kavanaugh was reportedly "frustrated" while answering prep questions that he thought were "too personal" about his sex life and drinking habits.

He then revealed later that in an interview with Politico's "Off Message" podcast, Starr defended the nominee.

"I believe when Brett says it did not happen, and I believe Brett based upon my seeing him," the Clinton special counsel said. "You kind of learn pretty quickly what a person's character is when you're in the trenches with them, right, day in and day out. For me, year in and year out."

Watch the segment below via MSNBC: