I know 'too much': Omarosa explains why Donald Trump can't stop her
Omarosa Manigault Newman on MSNBC.

Former senior White House aide and New York Times bestselling-author Omarosa Manigault Newman explained her long history with President Donald Trump has resulted in her knowing "too much" for the White House to destroy her.

Newman met Trump as a contestant on the first season of NBC's reality TV show "The Apprentice."

MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin on Monday asked whether she thought we would even definitively know the identity of the unnamed author of a scathing New York Times editorial on President Trump.

"I don't think we'll know," Newman predicted.

"I think The New York Times will protect their source, hopefully, because if they don't Donald Trump will stop at nothing to destroy this person," she predicted.

"They'll never, ever work in Washington, D.C. again," she continued.

"That has not happened to you," Melvin noted.

"He's tried," Newman replied.

"He can't defeat me, I know too much and I know too much of his tactics," she concluded.