From $100 million to $0: CBS may cancel Les Moonves payout after six more women come forward
Les Moonves -- (Photo: screenshot)

New Yorker reporter Ronan Farrow announced new accusers of CBS CEO Les Moonves and tweeted that less than three hours after the story ran the network chief will step down. Now it seems he might lose his severance package along with his job.

CNBC confirmed that Moonves was in talks about his hefty parting gift, which under his contract, should be $180 million.

Instead, the board offered a roughly $100 million golden parachute that is mostly made up of CBS stocks. They reserved the right to get some back if it was confirmed that Moonves sexually harassed staffers.

Farrow's story Sunday seemed to be enough evidence needed from the CBS board.

"We can now report that he will no longer receive any exit compensation, pending outcome of investigation, and that a portion of those funds will go to #MeToo causes," Farrow tweeted.