Longtime Donald Trump lawyer lashes out at ‘very questionable’ Mueller team prosecutor who flipped Manafort
Former Donald Trump attorney Jay Goldberg on MSNBC.

Donald Trump's onetime attorney lashed out at one of special prosecutor Robert Mueller's top lieutenants on Friday in the wake of Paul Manafort pleading guilty as part of a cooperation deal with federal prosecutors.

Jay Goldberg worked as an attorney for Trump from 1990 to 2005 and was interviewed by MSNBC's Ari Melber.

"Andrew Weissmann runs the case," Goldberg charged. "Bob Mueller doesn't run the day-to-day case."

"Andrew Weissmann is a very, very questionable prosecutor," he argued. "I'm concerned about Weissmann being in control of the destiny of Donald Trump through the testimony of Manafort."

"I don't like Andrew Weissmann running this prosecution and I don't like people anxious to avoid jail, because the cases are legion of people seeking to win the support of the prosecutor by testifying in a way that they think the prosecutor wants to have them testify," he continued.