Several Muslims who also happen to be longtime Republicans have told Buzzfeed News that they are highly distressed about the direction the party has taken under President Donald Trump -- and some even say they won't vote for the party in this fall's midterm elections.

Texas Republican Anwar Khalifa tells the publication that he is very worried that so many GOP candidates this year seem to be acting as "mini-Trumps" whose primary message is attacking immigrants.

"I can’t vote for people who are not just anti-Muslim, but who are anti anything that isn’t like them," he tells. "Unless you’re a white person in this country, you don’t matter to them."

Fellow Texan Mohamed Elibiary, who has been a Republican for 25 years and who has a long history of helping the FBI with counter-terrorism policy, similarly tells Buzzfeed that he's taking a "pause" from supporting the party until it stops being the party of Trump.

"I don't ever try to push young Muslim Americans into the party, because they don’t deserve that kind of bigotry or intolerance," Elibiary explains. "I can put up with it as a 43-year-old. They can’t as a 23-year-old."

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