Longtime Republican official resigns from the party with a devastating rebuke of Trump’s enablers
Donald Trump and his team have been having difficulties adapting to the White House. (SAUL LOEB/AFP)

Michael J. London, a former member of the Trumbull Republican town committee in Connecticut, detailed in an opinion article multiple reasons why he left the Republican Party.

In August, London resigned from the Republican Party and registered as an unaffiliated voter. He described the act as something he "never thought he would do."

London blamed President Donald Trump for the downfall of the GOP.  He claimed that President Trump has transformed the party "into a lame, extreme right-wing group of people unwilling or unable to see the truth."

"Trump is simply the worst president our country has had — ever. He is encouraging increased pollution and disavowing the need to halt climate change," London wrote.

"He is taking credit for a strong economy when it was the previous president (like him or not) who set the current strong economy in motion," he said." He has separated immigrant mothers and children. He has, more likely than not, supported (or participated in) collusion with an enemy."

He noted that Trump has embarrassed America on the global stage. "He is almost dictatorial and he has severely hurt our standing in the international community. People around the globe are laughing at us. His patriotism is really egotism," he said.

He said that overall Trump does not even represent what it means to be a Republican.

"I can't take it anymore. Trump does not represent true Republican values. He does not represent my values. I am leaving the Republican Party and, for the time being, will remain unaffiliated," London concluded.

Read London's full piece here.