'The magic is gone': Bill Maher explains why he thinks Trump's base is 'bored' and about to quit on him
HBO's Bill Maher talks to his panel on the Friday September 14, 2018 show/Screenshot

On Friday, HBO's Bill Maher assembled a diverse panel onto Real Time to discuss the week's developments. His guests included Republican-leaning CNN host S.E. Cupp, author Mark Leibovich and former White House adviser Richard Clarke.

"It was a bad week for Trump," Maher said. "I know I say that every week, but c'mon... it was a bad week, a bad month and a bad summer."

Maher, who worries Trump is plotting an authoritarian coup, said he feels better about the state of the country than he has in a long time.

"I feel better," Maher said. "I like—really, I feel a little lighter than i have in a very long time. The polls for him are going down. The looks on the faces at the people at his rallies. I think the magic is gone. They're bored, he hasn't written new material. They have a look like, 'Man, it's a lot about you.'"

The problem with Trump's schtick is that similar ones traditionally wears thin after awhile.

"Conmen traditionally skip town," Maher said. "He's working the same town. And eventually even his people catch up."

Clarke pointed out that Trump does poorly in polls because people are "embarrassed" to admit they support him. Maher said that may be true, but that Trump's poor character seems to have turned a lot of people off.

"They wanted an a**hole, you're right, but not an a**hole that was an a**hole about 9/11 and John McCain dying," Maher said. "How many straws can you put on the camel's back?"

Watch below.