Mayor facing furious backlash for urging a Nike boycott -- but her response made people even angrier
La Plata Mayor Jeannine James. (Screenshot/Fox5)

A mayor in Maryland is facing a backlash after calling for a boycott of the shoe company Nike because of its new advertising campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. But, according to Fox 5 DC, her response to the controversy has made people even more upset.

La Plata Mayor Jeannine James wrote on her personal Facebook page: “Nike selected Colin Kaepernick as the new face of the company’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign. How disappointing. #BoycottNike.”

The post quickly generated a flurry of responses. James then deleted the post and put up a statement claiming that she really wasn’t calling for a boycott, and thanking people for participating in her “lively social experiment.”

But her explanation didn't sit well with many people.

“The damage is already done. You divided La Plata and had your community attacking each other for a 'social experiment.' You don’t manipulate people in that way,” one person responded.

James told Fox 5 DC that she has no regrets about the Facebook posts. She said it was a valuable lesson for her students at the College of Southern Maryland, where she teaches.

"One of the things that I always teach my students is 'Say it, forget it, write it, regret it,'" said James. "When it’s in print or in the media, it can always be found."

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