Megyn Kelly yells at panel after new Kavanaugh accuser comes forward: 'He's saying he didn't do it!'
Megyn Kelly (NBC/screen grab)

NBC host Megyn Kelly on Monday defended Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after he was hit with new allegations that he exposed himself to a woman while attending Yale.

Kelly began her Monday Today Show program by agreeing with President Donald Trump's assessment that the Kavanaugh hearings had become "totally political."

"Whether you believe these women or you don't, it's become completely political because it's a Supreme Court confirmation hearing," she said. "It's not like a regular 'Me Too' allegation... Same way when [Alabama Senate candidate] Roy Moore was accused, those women were accused of being political operatives."

Rolling Stone contributor Joe Levy argued that the FBI should conduct and "independent investigation" of the allegations brought forward by at least two women.

"The [Senate] hearing on Thursday is shaping up to be a he said/she said with no investigation into these claims," Levy explained. "Should we have an independent investigation of some kind?"

When panelist Amy Holmes tried to agree, Kelly interrupted.

"[The FBI] is not a super-secret police force to investigate super-secret really bad things," she said. "That's why we have congressional investigators. The Republicans actually are investigating the Christine Blasey Ford allegations. And the Democrats have refused to do so!"

"She's represented by Democratic operatives," Kelly complained. "One of her lawyers denied that it was sexual harassment when Bill Clinton allegedly exposed himself to Paul Jones! That woman saw sexual harassment very differently when the accused was a Democrat!"

"In all fairness, Brett Kavanaugh also saw things differently in the Clinton investigation," Levy pointed out. "I mean, his positions have changed as well. Kavanaugh thought that these were impeachable offenses, he was very clear."

"He's saying he didn't do it, Joe!" Kelly shouted, cutting off Levy. "He's not saying that those allegations against him amount to nothing if he did! He's saying he didn't do it!"

"I'm just saying the positions on both sides have changed over time," Levy insisted.

"No!" Kelly disagreed. "You have no evidence for that whatsoever. What he's saying is he didn't do the thing he's being accused of. He's not trying to justify it if it's proven."

The NBC host acknowledge that "all women must get a fair hearing... but some lie."

"'He Too' is entitled to due process," she opined. "And if we go too far and deny due process in a case like this where you have a Supreme Court seat at issue and politics are clearly at play... what does that do to the 'Me Too' movement?"

"The 'Me Too' movement changed America," Kelly continued. "We finally started listening to these alleged victims coming forward and people get to make up their minds about whether they believe the women in any given case or they don't."

"If he's been wrongly accused of attempted rape, he does not need to shut up!" she exclaimed. "He needs to defend himself! And we need to be -- at least, if you are a U.S. senator, please, at least give us the semblance of fairness! Okay? Just at least the appearance of fairness. To both sides!"

Watch the video below from NBC.