Michael Caputo stokes racial fears: Black Lives Matter will 'riot' when Kavanaugh is confirmed
Fredricka Whitfield speaks to Michael Caputo (CNN/screen grab)

Former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo warned on Sunday that African-Americans will "riot" if Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed.

Caputo made the surprise remark during an interview on CNN about the FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh.

"When he is confirmed -- and I think he will be," Caputo explained to CNN host Fredricka Whitfield. "We don't know what's going to come out of the FBI investigation. I think it will be over in a week."

"It'll just take a week," he predicted. "But when he is confirmed -- if he is -- I'm concerned. We see, you know, social media accounts associated with Black Lives Matter talking about how they're going to riot!"

"So, that is apparently where we're going," Caputo concluded without revealing the source of his allegations.

Watch the video below from CNN.