MSNBC guest: If you want to survive Hurricane Florence 'my best advice is prayer'
"Terry" speaks to MSNBC about Hurricane Florence (MSNBC/screen grab)

An MSNBC guest said on Wednesday that the "best advice" for surviving Hurricane Florence is to pray.

Reporting from Wilmington, North Carolina, NBC's Mariana Atencio caught up with a resident named Terry as she was buying last-minute items to prepare for Florence.

Terry said that her family was planning on evacuating, but she offered a different recommendation to MSNBC viewers.

"My best advice is just hunker down if you are not planning to leave, take everything very seriously," she said. "Stay in your interior hallway, your interior bathroom."

She then added: "My best advice is prayer."

According to Terry, her town had been "blessed for many years" because other storms had left the area quickly.

"This one is going to linger, this one is going to be a long storm," she warned. "God bless you, everyone."

Raw Story recommends that you follow the advice of state and local officials to prepare for hurricanes and other disasters.

Watch the video below from MSNBC.