MSNBC hosts stunned by bizarre praise of 'uncontrolled male passion' from Kavanaugh friend Mark Judge
Brett Kavanaugh offers testimony at his confirmation hearing. (Screenshot)

On MSNBC Wednesday, host Ali Velshi dug into the history and writing of Brett Kavanaugh's high school friend Mark Judge, who was in the room when Kavanaugh allegedly sexually assaulted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a California University professor. Judge has denied the accusations and also said he refuses to testify before the Senate.

What's undeniable is that the two men attended Georgetown prep together and appeared to often engage in the heavy drinking bouts like the one described by Blasey Ford.

MSNBC found troubling statements about drinking, women, consent and sexuality in many of Judge's writings, such as that consent could be ambiguous.

Many of his writings, an MSNBC reporter noted, align with the ideology of the MRA movement (men's rights activists). In one instance, he praised the "wonderful beauty of uncontrollable male passion."

The co-hosts couldn't quite wrap their heads around Judge's praise of men with out-of-control sex drive.

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle gawked in disbelief. "One more time. The wonderful beauty of uncontrollable male passion."