MSNBC legal analyst: 'I have rugs that lie less than Brett Kavanaugh'
Maya Wiley (MSNBC)

In an assessment of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, an MSNBC legal analyst nailed him as a pathetic liar.

Henry Cohen Professor of Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment, Maya Wiley followed President Donald Trump's press conference by saying, "I have rugs that lie less than Brett Kavanaugh."

She explained that during his interview with Fox News, Kavanaugh said he didn't drink to excess. Now he's changing his tune. It adds to one of several lies Kavanaugh has been caught in over the past several months.

"Now, after that propelled people, some of whom were his friends, but also folks who said, 'Wait, I'm a friend of his, Liz Swisher, I knew him in college, he definitely drank to excess," Prof. Wiley said. "And I think as Eleanor pointed out, this isn't the first time he has essentially painted a picture of himself that the facts don't support."

"She noted she's "astounded" that the conversation is still continuing, particularly Trump labeling Kavanaugh as the victim in this situation.

"We're talking about essentially a job promotion and whether he gets to be in one of the most powerful positions in the country," she noted. "And yet there are charges pending over his head that are both significant and go directly to his character. Not whether or not he's going to spend time in jail, this is about his character. And he has repeatedly lied."

As a Supreme Court Justice, Kavanaugh would presumably have to know that it is illegal to lie under oath. Similarly, if candor is not a quality he possesses, the profession might not be for him.

Watch Wiley below: