MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt: US will be unrecognizable in ten years unless voters put a stop to 'Trumpistan'
GOP strategist Steve Schmidt. (Screenshot/MSNBC)

MSNBC's Steve Schmidt is worried that Trump's constant norm-breaking is exhausting Americans -- and told the Morning Joe team on Tuesday it could negatively impact turnout in the 2018 elections, with disastrous results. He also took the opportunity to lob some insults at the president.

"I'll compliment Trump in this regard," Schmidt said. "He is utterly and absolutely indefatigable when it comes to his vileness, his illiberalism, his fetish for autocracy."

"There's only two ways to win a fight," Schmidt said, explicitly comparing fighting Trump to "the United States in the Vietnam War. Trump wears people out."

Schmidt is concerned that Trump's nonstop attacks on democracy will wear down the electorate. "There's an expectation of obligation as a citizen to be informed, to be involved. Because in a democracy you get the government you deserve," he said. "The choice in 2018, 'do you want to have a check on this, yes or no'. If the answer is no and Trumpistan is essentially endorsed, we're going to live in a very different country 10 years from now."

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