Mueller's latest witness could bust Roger Stone for lying to 'cover his tracks': WSJ reporter
Roger Stone (Screen cap).

The grand jury in the Russia probe on Friday will hear testimony from a new witness who could potentially damage Roger Stone, the Trump ally who has come under special counsel Robert Mueller's spotlight in recent weeks.

Wall Street Journal reporter Shelby Holliday reports that talk show host Randy Credico, whom Stone has claimed was his personal back channel to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, is testifying before the grand jury, where he is expected to shed light on what he knows about Stone's communications with Assange during the 2016 presidential election.

Writing on Twitter, Holliday predicts that Credico will testify that he never served as an intermediary between Stone and Assange -- and he's got emails to back up his claims.

"Credico says he didn't talk to or have a relationship with Assange until Assange first did his radio show on August 25, 2016," she writes. "He has emails that lend credence to his claim. By that date, Stone had already made a number of claims of contact with Assange."

Leaked emails have revealed that Stone in 2016 bragged to an associate of having dinner with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, shortly before Assange started releasing emails that were stolen from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Stone subsequently went on Alex Jones’ radio show in early August -- before Assange had appeared on Credico's radio show -- and told him that Russia was going to drop leaked emails that it had obtained from Clinton that he predicted would be devastating to her campaign.

Despite boasting of his own contacts with Assange, Stone passed on a request to Credico in September 2016 to ask him to ask Assange about some specific details in hacked emails that he was poised to release.

"Credico says nothing came of the email, and that he never passed the request along to Assange," Holliday writes. "He has suggested that Stone was simply trying to cover his tracks."

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