National Republican campaign staff had no idea that Minnesota candidate had history of wildly sexist and racist remarks
Republican Jim Hagedorn appears in a campaign ad/Screenshot

The head of the Republican committee charged with getting U.S. congressmen elected had no idea that he was working on behalf of a Minnesota candidate with a history of wildly sexist and racist remarks, the Daily Beast reports.

Republican Jim Hagedorn is running for office in his state's first district, which is held by a retiring Democrat. He has enjoyed the full support of National Republican Congressional Committee chairman Steve Stivers, who says he was unaware of Hagedorn's long litany of controversial remarks.

On his apparently defunct blog, Mr. Conservative, Hagedorn has celebrated the death of a political opponent, called two female senators "undeserving bimbos in tennis shoes" and called the abuse victim of fellow Republican “white trash.” He has suggested President Obama is from Kenya.

Hagedorn had tried apologizing and claiming to be more moderate in 2014, when he ran for the same seat, saying “some of my hard-hitting and tongue-in-cheek commentary was less than artfully constructed or included language that could lead to hurt feelings. I offer a sincere and heartfelt apology.”

But since Trump's election he is returning to his old ways.

“If someone wants to run a political correctness and identity politics campaign against us, we’ll see what happens,” Hagedorn told Roll Call.