Ohio Republican slams parents of tasered child: 'I'd be ashamed if my daughter got herself tasered'
Ohio Rep. John Becker

A Cincinatti cop who suspected an 11-year-old girl of shoplifting is in trouble, after video of him tasering the girl was released by police. Still, the officer has his defenders.

On Friday, the Appeal reported that GOP Representative John Becker praised the officer's actions, citing his own child as an example.

“I’d be ashamed and embarrassed that she did something stupid enough to get herself tased,” he said about his own daughter in a newsletter.

Becker further elaborated that if his child were shot by police, “rather than blaming the cop, I’d be blaming myself and endlessly soul searching to figure out how I failed as a parent and why my kid grew up to be a punk.” Furthermore, "Based on the evidence of what I see on television, it often times appears to me that justice was delivered to the dead punk.”

The statements appeared in a newsletter titled "Beckerisms."