Paul Manafort will have to give up 4 of his homes to federal government in guilty plea deal
Paul Manafort appearing on "Meet The Press" (screengrab)

Total Value of Assets Manafort Is Forfeiting Is $46 Million

Convicted felon Paul Manafort is expected to agree to plead guilty in court Friday morning to two felony charges, before his second case was scheduled to go to trial. As part of his guilty plea agreement with special prosecutor Robert Mueller the former Trump campaign chairman will forfeit four of his homes: three in New York – including one in the Hamptons – and one in Virginia.

Manafort will also hand over to the federal government a life insurance policy and four accounts at various financial institutions. The value of those was not listed, but, according to New York Magazine, the total value of assets he is forfeiting is $46 million.

NBC News adds that Manafort is expected to plead guilty to charges involving conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to obstruct justice, money laundering, tax fraud, lying to the DOJ, and other charges.

A jury convicted Manafort last month on eight felony charges, including tax fraud and bank fraud.

It's unclear if Manafort will become or has become a cooperating witness, but some reports say the plea agreement appears to suggest he will.