Pro-Trump commentator leaves CNN after he's accused of spiking pregnant woman's smoothie with abortion pill
Trump communications director Jason Miller (Photo: Screen capture)

Jason Miller is out at CNN.

The pro-Trump political commentator tweeted on Saturday that he has "decided to step away" from the network to focus on "clearing [his] name."

On Friday, Splinter broke news that Miller, a former Trump aide stands accused of giving a pregnant stripper who he had been involved with an abortion pill without her knowledge.

According to court filings, Miller "visited her at her apartment with a Smoothie beverage. Unbeknownst to Jane Doe, the Smoothie contained an abortion bill. [sic] The pill induced an abortion, and Jane Doe wound up in a hospital emergency room, bleeding heavily and nearly went into a coma. The unborn child died."

Miller denied the accusations.

“To be clear, none of this is is in any way true,” he said. “That doesn’t matter however in the current court of public opinion, where fraudulent statements and a lack of factual support rule the day as long as it fits into a tweet.”

Miller also threatened to sue the publication that reported on the court filinga.