READ IT: Here's the document that ex-Trump adviser Gary Cohn swiped from the president's desk
White House adviser Gary Cohn and Pres. Donald Trump (composite image)

Reporter Bob Woodward is making several explosive claims in his new book, titled "Fear: Trump in the White House" -- and he's got the receipts to back them up.

Reporter Ryan Lizza has posted a document from Woodward's book that offers proof that former Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn really did resort to stealing documents from President Donald Trump's desk to prevent him from signing them.

This particular document is a letter that was to be sent to the South Korean government that would have cancelled a trade deal struck between it and the United States. In the letter, dated September 5, 2017, the president tells South Korea that the current deal will automatically terminate within 180 days of the letter.

According to Woodward's account, Cohn thought this letter would have been disastrous -- and he took it away from Trump and then distracted the president until he forgot that he was supposed to sign it, thus averting a potential trade war with Seoul.

Read the document below.