‘Revenge of the coffee boy’: CNN host stunned after ex-Trump aide implicates Sessions in Russia conspiracy
Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos (image via Twitter).

Former President Donald Trump aide, George Papadopoulos, implicated Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a Russia conspiracy.

Papadopoulos said that Sessions had knowledge of Russia's involvement in Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

CNN's Kate Bolduan was stunned at the accusation and mocked Papadopoulos as a "coffee boy" who wanted revenge.

"Is this officially what revenge of the coffee boy looks like?" she said. "Nothing against anyone getting coffee for anyone, but the same campaign adviser that the Trump campaign and White House did its best to dismiss, and degrade when he pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with Mueller is the very same Trump campaign adviser who just offered up an accusation against Sessions."

She added, "He contradicted a testimony Sessions gave to Congress. It all has to do with the potential -- a potential meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin during the campaign."

Watch the video below via CNN.