Right-wing media massively fails in attempt to smear Kavanaugh accuser -- and targets the wrong Christine Ford
Matt Drudge (Photo: CSPAN screen capture)

Right-wing media personality Matt Drudge on Monday completely crashed and burned in his latest attempt to smear Christine Blasey Ford, who has gone on the record to accuse Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of trying to rape her when they were both teenagers,

Specifically, Drudge promoted an article at Grabien News claiming to show that Ford got poor ratings from her students, some of whom purportedly described her as having a "dark personality" on the Rate My Professors website.

However, doing the slightest bit of detective work reveals that the article is targeting the wrong person.

In fact, the RateMyProfessors page refers to a Christine A. Ford, who taught at the social work department at California State University Fullerton, and who actually received only five reviews -- two of which rated her as "awesome," two of which rated her as "average," and only one of which rated her as "awful."

Christine Blasey Ford, meanwhile, is a professor of clinical psychology at Palo Alto University who has never worked at Fullerton.

In addition to Drudge, Trump-loving conservative pundits Mark Levin and Kurt Schlichter also shared the false claim that Ford's students gave her extremely negative ratings on RateMyProfessors.