Seth Meyers mocks GOP for treating Trump like King Kong: 'He's the president, you shouldn't have to control him'
Seth Meyers [Screengrab from video]

Late-night host Seth Meyers mocked Republicans attempted to control President Donald Trump. Meyers joked that Trump shouldn’t have to be controlled because he is the president of the United States

New polls released say that Trump's approval ratings are sinking. Meyers said people might ignore this because of The New York Time anonymous op-ed that said there "are adults in the room."

Meyers then plays a clip of Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) saying that he hopes the staff in the White House would figure out ways to control Trump.

"He is the president, you shouldn't have to control him. You are talking about him like he just escaped from skull island. He is about to Tweet something — quick shot him with a tranquilizer dart," Meyers said.

He added, "That's been the line for two years —responsible people around Trump are helping him make good decisions."

Watch the clip below.