Seth Meyers ridicules Trump for 'weird' visit to Carolinas: 'He thinks if a boat shows up on your lawn you get to keep it!'
Seth Meyers talks about Trump in Carolinas after hurricane (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump spent Wednesday visiting the Carolina coast hit by Hurricane Florence last week. It was enough that "Late Night" host Seth Meyers found it simply "weird."

At one point during his tour, Trump saw a man in a small brick home with a large yacht that had washed ashore and was shipwrecked against a deck.

"Is that your boat?" Trump asked the man. He said it wasn't "Well, at least you got a boat out of the deal."

"I swear, Trump could see a man jump off a building and think, 'Oh look! Free shoes!'" Meyers half-joked.

Trump then had an exchange with reporters on what the law is behind keeping stuff like that. Meyers sarcastically called it the "famous Supreme Court case of Finders v. Keepers. This is the guy, that guy right there, is the one who gets to pick our next Supreme Court justice. A man who thinks that legally speaking that if a boat shows up on your lawn, you get to keep it."

Speaking of the Supreme Court, Meyers noted that nominee Brett Kavanaugh is inches from changing the highest court in the land for an entire generation. Meanwhile, Trump is touting how great Kavanaugh "looks," calling him someone who looks like he's from "central casting."

Meyers said if someone was casting this, Kavanaugh would probably end up as the manager on "Superstore."

In an epic takedown, Meyers then detailed the string of lies and nonsense that has flooded from Kavanaugh since his nomination.

You can watch it all below: