Staff — including white workers — quit St. Louis shop en masse over owner’s unapologetic N-word use
DeWayne Montez (Facebook) and East End XPress Lube (Google Maps), composite image.

Workers at a St. Louis area lube shop quit in protest after the white owner refused to stop using the N-word around his African-American manager, the Riverfront Times reported Monday.

DeWayne Wren worked at the East End X-Press Lube in Belleville, Illinois, across the Mississippi River from St. Louis.

According to Wren, owner Paul Beeler referred to black kids as "monkeys" and repeatedly used the N-word.

"I don’t understand why black people get offended when they’re called [the n-word] when they wear their pants on their ass, because that is what they look like and right now you look like a [n-word]," Beeler reportedly told Wren.

The white employees joined Wren in confronting the owner about his use of racial slurs.

Wren was then reportedly fired.

“They fired Wren because he was black and they did not want to own up to it,” former employee Ethan Haas, who is white, concluded.

Haas and three other employees then quit their jobs in solidarity with Wren.

“So I was an employee at this place the owner used 'n****r' towards me and around me like it’s normal so me and the entire staff confronted them about the use of the racial slurs and in return I was fired immediately,” Wren posted on Facebook.