Steve Schmidt pummels GOP's Christine Ford 'kangaroo court': 'A clinic for political cowardice'
Steve Schmidt (MSNBC)

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt on Thursday found himself appalled at the performance of his one-time party over the way it is conducting the hearing of Christine Blasey Ford.

Writing on Twitter, Schmidt accused Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee of putting on "a clinic for political cowardice" for being unwilling to personally question Ford, while instead ceding their time to attorney Rachel Mitchell.

"Will not one of them, while watching a hectoring and minimally prepared Rachel Mitchell, harass Dr. Ford, step up and take back their time and denounce this kangaroo court?" he asked.

Schmidt also panned Mitchell's performance -- and he said that even current GOP aides must have seen it as completely disastrous.

"Every GOP campaign strategist and Hill staffer wishes they had the button to open the trap door under Rachel Mitchell’s chair," he said. "What a total and complete Political disaster for Republicans."