'The stooge and the puppet-master': Watch HBO's Bill Maher chat with director of new documentary on Trump and Putin
Active Measures director Jack Bryan and HBO's Bill Maher/Screenshot

Jack Bryan, the director behind a new documentary on Trump's Russian connections, Active Measures, appeared on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday night to discuss his movie.

Bryan's film starts with Putin's playbook, and how he's been able to undermine other democracies. It then goes into Trump's history as a desperate and failing businessman.

"It's almost inevitable that they would figure in each other's lives like this, the stooge and the puppet-master," Maher said. "He's the perfect mark, is he not?"

Bryan explained that Russian intelligence looks for susceptible marks using the acronym M.I.C.E.: Money, ideology, compromise or ego.

"I see three out of four right away," Maher said. "He has no ideology, but you don't need all four."

The film talks about Trump's failed casinos and the way that money can be laundered through shady real estate deals.

"The hookers peeing is the least of it," Maher said.

Active Measures makes the case that Trump is one of a number of Putin-controlled strongmen around the world/

"So Putin basically franchised, and Trump was one of the McDonald's guys who bought in," Maher said.

Watch below.