The View’s Sunny Hostin — a former sex crimes prosecutor — proclaims Ford is credible: ‘I’d take that case to trial’

The View's Sunny Hostin, a former federal prosecutor whose field was child sex crimes, told ABC that Christine Blasey Ford's testimony was so powerful, she would take the case to trial.

"The way she is describing the trauma is is very credible and very accurate given the job she has the career she has had," said Hostin, referring to Blasey Ford's work as a clinical psychologist. "I will tell you, in Maryland there's no statute of limitations for attempted rape. I think I said this to all of you during the examination here, I would take this case to trial."

"I've examined hundreds of witnesses on the witness stand. She's extremely detailed oriented," Hostin added. "You can't make that stuff up. It is so unusual that sort of detail it makes her testimony extremely credible."

Hostin was also impressed with Blasey Ford's candor. "The fact that she said 'I'm terrified to be here, I don't want to be here but I feel that this is my civic duty', I found be one of the most credible witnesses I think I've seen."

Watch the video below.