Top Delaware Republican quits and blasts party over Trump-loving Senate candidate
Trump-loving Republican Rob Arlett is running for U.S. Senate in Delaware/Screenshot

One of the top Republicans in Delaware has quit the party and blasted it after the nomination of a Trump-loving U.S. Senate candidate, reports the Delaware News Journal.

Candidate Rob Arlett is a loyal Trump supporter who won the party's nomination in a primary earlier this month. Arlett is "Trump's guy" in the tiny Mid-Atlantic state.

That did not sit well with Peter Kopf, a former banking executive who has chaired the New Castle County Republican Committee and served on the state party’s executive committee since last year.

In the letter announcing his resignation, Kopf referenced “critical information” about Arlett which “will eventually derail his candidacy.”

“Mr. Arlett lacks the character and integrity needed to lead our Ticket and receive my support,” he wrote.

Read the full letter here.