'I was traumatized and gutted': CNN guest destroys GOP's treatment of Christine Blasey Ford
Irin Carmon and Jeffrey Toobin appear on CNN (Screen cap).

Journalist Irin Carmon appeared on CNN Friday and gave an emotional denunciation of the Republican Party's treatment of Christine Blasey Ford.

While talking about the GOP's willingness to jam through a vote just one day after Ford gave wrenching testimony about her alleged assault at the hands of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Carmon said she wasn't sure Republicans understood the level of anger that had been unleashed by Thursday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.

"This was set up to be a he-said-she-said, and I hope the senators considering this think about what many American women went through yesterday," she said. "I mean, speaking for myself, I can say that I was traumatized and gutted. I am a journalist but also a human being."

She then called out the double standards in which a Republican man can get away with yelling and attacking senators in a way that a woman nominated for the Supreme Court could not.

In particular, she slammed the GOP for giving "deference" to Kavanaugh's "fury" in a way they would not have for a female nominee.

"Men are allowed to get angry in a way women are not," she said. "Imagine if Justice Sotomayor, during her nomination hearing in which senators -- some of which were in the room yesterday -- implied that she was racist, and grilled her about her reputation and her temperament and her intelligence. Imagine if she had reacted in that kind of defensive rage. So I hope the senators take stock of what many people saw yesterday."

Watch the video below.