Trump ally frantically texts CNN's Dana Bash: The anonymous op-ed writer 'wants to eventually be a hero'
CNN analyst Dana Bash (image via Twitter).

According to CNN reporter Dana Bash, one White House official predicted that the op-ed writer wanted to eventually become known.

"I got a text from somebody again in and around Trump world who suspects that it is somebody who wants to eventually be known," said Bash. "And be known as a hero."

"Wolf, another point," began another commentator. "In Washington, nothing stays a secret. Eventually, I think we are going to know who wrote this. And that is going to have another impact within the administration."

Joey Jackson noted the White House is at a critical point as someone in the administration is "rearing their head."

"Look, why we always talk about the midterm elections and wait until what happens in 2018," Jackson began. "What about people who are in power now? Who are fearful to say anything. Notwithstanding whatever the president does, whatever the president says. It's just complete silence and it just is the silence is deafening. When is someone in Congress going to write an editorial where they attach their name to it to say enough is enough? If there's a tipping point, we're at it. What are you going to do here and now?"

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