Trump exploded when he learned presidential transition would cost millions: 'F*ck the law -- I want my money!'
Donald J. Trump's grandparents fled poverty in Germany to go to America (AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary)

A new article by journalist Michael Lewis claims that Donald Trump in 2016 went on a furious tirade when he learned that his campaign was required by law to fund a presidential transition team.

Writing in the Guardian, Lewis explains that former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie explained to the future president in April 2016 that he would need to either pay to hire a transition team himself or would have to use campaign funds to pay for it.

Trump grudgingly agreed to let Christie set up a separate fund aimed solely at raising money for the transition.

By August 2016, the transition team had hired hundreds of people -- and Trump found out by reading a newspaper article that the transition fund had raised millions of dollars to pay them.

Upon reading this, reports Lewis, he summoned both Christie and former campaign chairman Steve Bannon into his office and blew up at both of them.

"You’re stealing my money!" Trump yelled at them. "You’re stealing my f*cking money! What the f*ck is this?"

They tried to explain to Trump that campaigns are required by law to fund transition teams to ensure a smooth transfer of power after the election.

"F*ck the law," Trump seethed, according to Lewis. "I don’t give a f*ck about the law. I want my f*cking money."

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