Trump-lover Kris Kobach is shunned by nearly half of elected Kansas Republicans: report
Donald Trump and Kris Kobach (Screengrab)

Trump-loving Kansas Republican gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach may be in trouble given the reluctance of other Kansas Republicans to support him, the Kansas City Star reports.

The Star asked 95 Republican lawmakers in the Kansas House and Senate where they stood and found that only 58 percent said they would support Kobach. Some didn't answer, and several from the wealthy Kansas City suburbs of Johnson County were in open revolt.

The extremist Kobach, a loyal supporter of Donald Trump, won his primary against Gov. Jeff Colyer by just 343 votes. Former Gov. Bill Graves, the last moderate Republican to serve as governor before the notorious Sam Brownback took over, has endorsed Democratic State Sen. Laura Kelly.

Even those who told the Star they supported Kobach did so with some qualifications.

“He’s kind of a lightning rod, but I agree on a lot of the things he says so he’s going to get my support,” said Republican Rep. Randy Garber.

Some Kobach supporters are angry about the situation and using foul language to attempt to shame moderates, the Star reports.

“There’s a lot of them that don’t have no balls or no guts,” said Rep. Jack Thimesch.