Trump now hates his own FBI chief as he enters the 'worst mood of his presidency': report
President Donald Trump (left, via Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons) and FBI Director Christopher Wray (right, via Wikimedia Commons).

Donald Trump has reportedly taken to bashing FBI director Chris Wray as he enters "the worst mood of his presidency" due to the various investigations into him.

According to sources who spoke to NBC News, Trump has added Wray to his "hit list" of members of his administration that he regularly complains about.

The president is "in the worst mood of his presidency and calling friends and allies to vent about his selection of [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions and Wray," a source familiar with the conversations told the network. That same person said Trump was focused on his attorney general and FBI director over the Labor Day holiday.

"Until now," the report noted, "the president has been cautious about publicly criticizing the person he appointed after firing former FBI Director James Comey."

Trump has since begun "grouping Wray with Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the special counsel’s Russia investigation."

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