Trump supporter tries to pin Kavanaugh's sex scandal on Democrats and gets slapped down by CNN's Symone Sanders

CNN conservative pundits David Urban and Amanda Carpenter dug themselves a hole they couldn't get out of when they tried to rewrite not only how Christine Ford's letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein about her sexual assault at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh was leaked to the public, but the entire Merrick Garland debacle. Hosts Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto as well as fellow guest Symone Sanders repeatedly shoveled dirt on their claims.

Urban claimed that "Professor Ford did not want to come forward in this case but she was outed by democratic staffers, doing her a great disservice," drawing the ire of Harlow who reminded Urban "we have no idea" who leaked the letter and to "stick to the facts."

But when Urban pressed on, claiming that CNN had reported the same, both Harlow and Sciutto demanded that he name names, reducing the former Trump surrogate to sputtering and stammering that he would get them that later.

Harlow asked Carpenter if she agreed "it would be in the interest of all parties to have a full investigation" and whether "Judge Kavanagh himself should say give this the time it needs." Carpenter agreed that an investigation was warranted, but refused to say whether it should be allowed to play out fully. Urban also believed the investigation should have some time limit.

This did not sit well with Sanders, who saw no need for "an arbitrary timeline". And when Carpenter interrupted, Sanders exploded.

"Amanda, Merrick Garland did not get a hearing," she began as Carpenter insisted Democrats couldn't use that precedent to block Kavanaugh. Sanders accused Carpenter of gaslighting her and acting "as if Republicans didn't leave a Supreme Court seat open." Garland's nomination languished for 293 days.

Sanders was just winding up though. "For anyone to assert that Dr. Ford should just show up on Monday when she has been treated so callously and so carelessly, by Republicans not just on the committee but in Congress is disingenuous," she said, addressing both Urban and Carpenter.

Urban tried to change the subject, claiming that Sanders hadn't answered Sciutto's questions. "Stop putting words in my mouth," she retorted, repeating her claim that any timeline on the investigation would be "arbitrary".

"I think this investigation has to be given its due, whether it takes two days or three weeks," she said. "Why are we rushing this? It has only been 46, 47 days. This is too important to ram through."

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