Trump supporters blow up at Fox News reporter after he admits Kavanaugh's nomination now 'lacks the votes'
Young Donald Trump supporters. Image via AFP.

Senate Lader Mitch McConnell might be blaming Democrats for "obstruction," but he likely lacks the votes in his own party to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, since the GOP has the majority. While many schooled McConnell during his floor speech Monday, it was Fox News reporter Chad Pergram who voiced the opinion and was quickly denounced by Donald Trump's supporters.

"Kavanaugh nomination is in trouble. That's why McConnell made [a] blistering speech today. Baseball teams mail it in once they are out of pennant race. McConnell trying to get GOPers to run out out [sic] every ground ball in effort to salvage nomination. Kavanaugh lacks the votes right now," Pergram tweeted Monday night.

Oddly, he went on to say that a vote for Kavanaugh could help Republicans rather than hurt them.

"Forging ahead [with] a confirmation vote on Kavanaugh, even if he's rejected, could HELP GOPers. Could be tactic to get moderate Dems facing tough re-elections on the record on Kavanaugh. Was part of GOP original playbook w/Kavanaugh going into the midterms," he tweeted.

While he might be correct about shoring up the GOP base, Kavanaugh's poll numbers have already slipped 5 percent in less than a month, according to a Fox News poll. Those voters were polled prior to the new accusations that surfaced at the end of last week.

Support for Republicans, Trump and Kavanaugh have already plummeted with college-educated women and suburban women. Voting against these women could be political suicide in many Congressional districts. If Kavanaugh is rammed through the Senate while Democrats stand up for the rights of sexual assault survivors, it could also pave the way for them to impeach Kavanaugh when they take over power.

There's also an opportunity for an ambitious District Attorney or prosecutor to file charges against Kavanaugh given there is no statute of limitations on such crimes in the state of Maryland.

Trump supporters let Pergram what they thought of his assessment quickly by issuing threats that any Republican who voted against Kavanaugh would be looking for a primary opponent or a new job. The primary elections are already over, however.

You can see some of the tweets below:

Another person called the baseball analogy into question because of the successes of the Washington Nationals this season.